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Whether you are new to Tai Chi or a long time practitioner,   Glenn Hairston shares information, videos and podcasts to inform your journey.    There is free content and full length videos for sale.  Find the teaching and content that supports you.

Enjoy more of Glenn Hairston’s unique Tai Chi instructional videos and more on Vimeo. The trailers for some of those videos are shared below.

The SubscribeStar “Tai Chi Talk” is a new and ongoing video podcast you won’t want to miss.  Glenn shares insights from his more than 45 years of training and teaching Tai Chi.   He speaks about the application, techniques and principles from his Executive Protection and Law Enforcement career.

You can watch plenty of free Tai Chi videos and other training content on Glenn’s YouTube Channel.   Get information and notification of upcoming videos too. 

Fixed Step Push Hands


Training With Sifu Hairston is an ongoing video series that brings you behind closed doors and invites you to join Sifu Hairston inside his private training sessions.

Fighting With Ward Off

Training With Sifu Hairston is an ongoing video series that brings you behind closed doors and invites you to join Sifu Hairston inside his private training sessions.

Common Items For Self Defense: The Umbrella

“Common Items For Self Defense: The Umbrella” is presented in two parts. In the first, Glenn discusses and demonstrates the parts of the umbrella, the various gripping methods, striking and blocking methods and basic footwork. In the second, Glenn simulates the application of self defense techniques with the umbrella utilizing an attacker.

Understanding Push Hands: Volume 1

In “Understanding Push Hands: Volume 1” Sifu Glenn Hairston superbly explains and demonstrates the intricacies of push hands, including not only single and double push hands with fixed and moving steps, but also advanced practices such as “Da-Lu/Great Pulling” which teaches the square elements of the circular Tai Chi training. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner this video will prove invaluable to your training, providing answers to many of your training questions.

Internal Damage: Advanced Tai Chi Chuan for Combat

This video, a joint collaboration between Specialist Defensive Training LLC and Ramcity Productions, shows with astonishing clarity the effectiveness and combat genius of Tai Chi Chuan.

The result is a realistic display of effective and punishing self-defense methods, as well as a great source of insight into the true nature of Tai Chi Chuan.

Vintage Collection

Find all of Sifu Hairston’s classic Tai Chi Chuan instructional videos here in this 7 volume series. For the first time ever, the Vintage Collection compiles over 3 hours of training videos on everything from principles to application together in one place.

The Eight Treasures

The Eight Treasures are Chinese internal exercises which when performed correctly serve to strengthen the entire body by stretching the tendons, massaging and stimulating the internal organs, increasing muscle strength and promoting the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the entire human organism.

Informal Tai Chi Series (Tai Chi For The Streets)

 In this unique three part series, Glenn thoroughly demonstrates Tai Chi principles and applications that work in real fighting situations.

Whether you’re a beginner, long time Tai Chi practitioner or train in a totally different style of martial art, Sifu Hairston’s Informal Tai Chi Series will show you Tai Chi’s universal concepts that can be effectively applied by anyone.