Glenn Hairston

At the age of four Sifu Glenn Hairston began learning Martial Arts. In the 1970’s, he started his Tai Chi Training under the instruction of Master Yung-Ko-Chou from Manchuria. It was under Master Chou’s guidance that Glenn Hairston learned the Yang Style Long Form, Push Hands and Free Hand Fighting Skill (Tai Chi Sparring). It was also Master Chou who introduced Glenn Hairston to Ba Gua Zhang a Sister art of Tai Chi Chuan. Master Chou was a disciple of Master Chang Shih-Jung of Mainland China and his teacher was Master Cheng Huai-Hsien of Hopei. Glenn Hairston also studied Tai Chi Chuan with Master George Ling Hu of Chung King China who taught him the Sacred Yang Form as well as introducing him to Shuai Jaio (the art of Chinese Wrestling) and Hsing-I Chuan (mind body Boxing) another sister art of Tai Chi Chuan. Master George Ling Hu studied Tai Chi Chuan under Master Wang Yen-Nein of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province and Master Shih Ming in Beijing. Glenn continued his studies of the Yang and Wu Styles of Tai Chi Chuan with Master Lu Ping Zhang of Mainland China. He also received instruction in the Wu Style of Tai Chi from Master Alfred Huang.

Specialist Defensive Training

Glenn Hairston is a Law Enforcement Security professional who through his company Specialist Defensive Training LLC provides lectures, consultation, training videos and a variety of specialized programs tailored to meet the needs of various corporations, businesses and organizations.

Specialist Defensive Training LLC offers a variety of training options however the primary approach of (S.D.T.) is a hands on method that is the result of actual field experience. Mr. Hairston’s background includes Former Federal Law Enforcement, Local Law Enforcement, (PPS) Certified Personal Protection Specialist, Certified Security Specialist, Witness/Dignitary Protection and over fifty years in the Martial Arts to include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Okinawa systems.

Glenn Hairston’s professional experience includes such areas as Corporate Security, Aircraft Security, Executive Protection and over twenty years as an Undercover Narcotics Detective. Glenn Hairston has provided instruction and training for a variety of entities such as Law Enforcement Agencies and Academies, The U.S. Military, Security Institutes and other organizations requiring specialized training.

He also consults for the film industry and can be seen acting in such movies as The Silence of the Lambs, Off White, Blood and Bone, The Ministry, Another Lonely Road and others.