Training with glenn

Glenn Hairston provides consultation and training for Law Enforcement, Security, Film Industry and other interested parties who require specialized training in the area of defensive/combative tactics.

Glenn also lectures on a variety of related subjects such as Physical Encounters. Physical Encounters range from a fist fight to muggings, carjacking and home invasions. Could you respond? Have a plan, the bad guys do.


Tai Chi’s history is that of Martial Art and every Tai Chi posture has a purpose. By examining the martial purpose of each posture we will best understand how to correctly execute the form during our practice. It is the physical and mental challenge of developing purpose in the form that improves our health.

Through Specialist Defensive Training, Glenn Hairston offers training programs and seminars in Tai Chi Chuan. These programs are designed to extend beyond the basic Tai Chi forms and push hands practice to give insight into Tai Chi function. The understanding of Tai Chi application opens a whole new door to Tai Chi Chuan health benefits.

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The never ending practice of form
is not the goal. The goal is the presence of Taiji
in all that you do.