Informal tai chi series volume 1

Tai Chi for the streets

Glenn Hairston creator of the Internal Damage Advanced Taiji Chuan for combat video now brings you the Informal Tai Chi Series. In this unique three part Tai chi training, Glenn thoroughly explains and demonstrates what actually works in a real fighting situation and why.

Whether you’re a beginner, long time Tai Chi Practitioner or train in a totally different style of martial art, Sifu Hairston’s Informal Tai Chi Series will demonstrate Tai Chi’s universal principles and concepts that can effectively be applied by anyone.

Each volume provides step by step instruction with Sifu Hairston demonstrating actual street proven Tai Chi applications.

LEARN HOW TO utilize Tai Chi’s Ground Strength, Generate power from the waist and how to utilize Whole Body Energy for explosive techniques.

VOLUME 1 covers such fighting methods as: Brush Knee, Single Whip High Pat the Horse and Two fists Clubs Ears.

Watch all 3 volumes now on Vimeo